Sunday, 4 June 2006

Cantle, Miah and Malik: Airstrip 1 Warriors

On 25 May 2006, the BBC quoted Oldham's Equalities and Cohesion manager, Uspar Miah, thus:

"What we found is the Asian families require larger homes but larger homes tend to be in what are considered 'non-traditional areas' for Asian families, very strong indigenous white areas. And some of the smaller houses were in the Asian areas. So obviously that balance was something we had to redress…

In the last financial year we supported more than 140 families moving into what are classed as non-traditional areas."
Ethnically cleanse the responsible white people, who don't breed like flies, from their lovely, big houses so that Uspar Miah's irresponsible Asian brethren, some of whom do appear to breed like flies, can move in.

Yep, that'd be fair in today's multi-racial wonderland, Uspar old sport. That would, very definitely, be something that Tony Blair and co. could describe as very, very fair indeed.

In July 2009, New Labour’s 'Cohesion' Minister, Shahid Malik, said this in the House of Commons:

Malik was speaking up for Gypsies and indirectly criticising those Brits who were perturbed by their presence at the time.

On 25 May 2006, the BBC reported thus:

"Divisions between communities are still 'entrenched' in Oldham five years after riots, even though residents feel race relations are improving, a report says.

Report author Ted Cantle led the first Home Office inquiry into the riots in the Greater Manchester town in 2001.

The riots were initially blamed on segregation of whites and Asians...

Divisions are most acute in housing and schools, Professor Cantle believes. And 'the seeming reluctance of many sections of the community to embrace positive change', was commented on.

'Such attitudes are completely untenable as a basis upon which to build cohesive communities,' the report said".
On 23 April 2006, The Times had, previously, reported thus:

"Professor Ted Cantle, who wrote the report on the 2001 riots in Bradford and Oldham, suggested people from ethnic minorities in some parts of the Midlands might not feel 'safe and secure' living near predominantly white communities…

In an apparent reference to Heanor, a predominantly white town in the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire, Cantle said he was concerned about the strength of support for the far-right British National party in some parts of the East Midlands.

In his 2001 report on the riots in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham, Cantle identified communities living 'parallel lives' and highlighted the polarisation of communities with different schools, estates and social lives. He said schools should change their catchment areas to attract a broader mix.

At the time one in four primary schools in Bradford were more than 70 per cent Asian while half were totally white…

Cantle’s remarks go further by describing parts of the country as 'UNHEALHILY' white, a phrase that critics said this weekend appeared to place the blame for ethnic tensions on the white community."

The exact wording that Cantle used was this:

"Some of the neighbouring areas of Notts and Derbyshire do seem to be UNHEALTHILY ALL-WHITE."
Do you really not get it yet?

Ted Cantle, Tony Blair's senior race relations adviser, thought that we indigenous, English folk, who lived in an area where there were no non-native inhabitants, were living our lives UNHEALTHILY!

Wake up, England! For goodness sake, wake up!

Here's a British lad whose wakeful example you might want to follow: on 30 November 2009, former New Labour Minister, Tom Harris, (of Murdoch-bashing fame) said this on his own blog:

"Labour had, in the past, been GUILTY of attempting to SHUT DOWN DEBATES ON IMMIGRATION BY SHOUTING 'RACIST'... IT WAS STUPID AND WRONG... In so-called 'solid' Labour areas… PEOPLE ARE NOT RACISTS… BUT THEY ARE WORRIED...

I DETECT A HUGE AMOUNT OF SNOBBERY FROM SOME ON THE LIBERAL LEFT TOWARDS SUCH PEOPLE AND THEIR VIEWS... We are way, way past the point where WE CAN SNEER 'RACIST' at good people for daring to hold a view with which we’re uncomfortable."

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