Friday, 30 June 2006

Anti-Semitism is the new black

On 28 October 2011, Rob Marchant's essay, ‘Anti-Semitism is the new black’ appeared in The New Statesman.

This, in part, said:
“A month ago, enfant terrible designer John Galliano was fined over an anti-Semitic tirade at a Paris restaurant. But his drug-addled ramblings were just the latest signs of a wider trend. THERE ARE NUMEROUS RECENT INCIDENTS, ranging from an unpleasant flavour of anti-Israeli activism to straightforward RACISM, that should sound alarm bells for the liberals among us…

But there's a new twist on the ideological catwalk. We can visualise FAR-RIGHT THUGS indulging in this kind of thing but somehow we don't expect it from our comrades on the supposedly liberal-left…

And which mainstream group is unthinkingly giving succour to this new vogue? Step forward, Britain's trade unions, once the reliable ballast of the Labour right, who are increasingly being influenced, in their wilder conference pronouncements at least, by the far left…

THE WORST CULPRIT OF ALL, IN THE PROPAGATION OF THIS TWISTED FASHION, IS US. YOU AND ME. We of the Labour Party and the labour movement, because we are content to sit back and let it happen. It blights our society… This fashionable tolerance of RACISM, in imagined support of a cause, is unacceptable and must not go unchallenged.”
A price will eventually have to be paid for the Iraqs, the monumental greed of the fat cats, the political correctness, the media propaganda and the mass immigrations.

It was only a matter of time before Jewish over-representation in these areas became generally known. What goes around comes around, Rob. In the end, if you sh*t down its throat for long enough, even a dumbed-down, drugged-up world is liable to figure out that you're taking the mickey.

‘Anti-Semitism is the new black?’ Nah. It's the old, present-day and future dislike of Jewish misbehaviour, manipulation and dishonesty, bottled up and condensed over the last six-and-a-half truth-censored decades to something approaching international boiling point.

So, now, we are told that ‘the supposedly liberal-left’ is complaining. Thing is, Rob, if the elephant in the room treads on their toes often enough, even its most fervent apologists are liable to squeal.

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