Thursday, 16 January 2014

Teachers haven't paid enough attention to our kids

On 15 January 2014, the BBC told us that Chris Wood, an Ofsted inspector, had suggested that teachers had ‘not paid enough attention to poorly performing white children for fear of being seen as racist.’

The BBC added:
“Ofsted was now urging schools to focus on white working class children, amid concerns they are getting a raw deal.”
The BBC then quoted Mr Wood thus:
"There is a much clearer focus on the performance of different groups of pupils who are eligible for free school meals, with white British being a clear focus group that we have identified…

I would argue in the past that was not the case and it could very well be because of a certain discomfort about talking about that group for the reasons you have suggested, around it being seen as an extreme view. But that is changing and we are certainly putting additional focus on that area."
The Beeb also quoted Lib Dem MP for Bradford East, David Ward:
“Is there any evidence that anyone is actually speaking up for the white working class? I get representatives from the Bangladeshi community complaining about 'our children in our schools' or the Pakistani community or the Kashmiri community. 
I find it difficult to think of a representative for the white working class who comes to me and says 'what about our children'... if they are, THEY ARE PROBABLY THE BNP or would be accused of racism."
Kevan Collins, chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, said this:
"Our best teaching is serving our more affluent children.”
Those would be the children of oh-so-caring socialists like Tony Blair, Harriet Harman and Diane Abbott, one supposes. You know, those who, as they masqueraded as our representatives, imported millions of foreigners against our will. To do the jobs they said the white working-classes 'didn’t want to do any more.’

And those we did. And those we could no longer do because, for more than half a century, British teachers ‘had not paid enough attention to poorly performing white children for fear of being seen as racist.’

They put the foreigner a long way before us, didn’t they? They gave them our council houses, our jobs, our small businesses, our big businesses, our culture, security, heritage, our history, they even sacrificed our children.

They gave them everything.

As they stole it all from us.

Now they seem to be pretending that they didn’t know they were doing it.

Ladies and gentlemen, when a Lib Dem MP feels obliged to say that the the only people who ever dared to speak up for ‘white working class’ schoolchldren were ‘probably the BNP,’ those who stole our world must be growing fearful. The PC elite would seem to be trying to score some brownie points with the victims of their decades-long foreigner-first largesse before the inevitable backlash begins.

What do you think? Should we forgive their trespasses against us?

Maybe. That is what we are after all. Despite the never-ending accusations of 'racism,' 'homophobia,' 'anti-Semitism' et al, we are, actually, just about the kindest, trusting, most tolerant and forgiving folks on the planet. Just ask your average immigrant who they'd rather live with, their own kind in the world they and their ancestors made or us in ours.

Kindness, trust, tolerance and forgiveness hasn't done much for us just recently, has it? Despite which, I'd still expect the British, even now, to forgive a parliamentarian who came clean about the results of half a century of treachery. Oh yes, we'd forgive a great deal for the odd truthful confession from a penitent bad lad.

But what about your children? Would you forgive his trespasses against them?

That’s what I hoped you’d say.

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